Frequently Asked Questions

How Hard Will It Be?

Snatched in Six Weeks is designed to ease in brand new trainees to accommodate you to training. The first two weeks ramp up as we teach you technique.

Snatched II, available only to those who’ve taken Snatched in Six Weeks, features some of the hardest classes the Clubhouse has to offer.

How Many People Per Class?

For in-person Snatched, we cap each class at 13. Each class is slightly under-booked to allow some flexibility for rescheduling.

What If I Want To Train More Than Three Times Per Week?

As any former Snatcheder knows, we ask people to train at least five times per week for best results.

Our recommendation is to complement Snatched with relatively heavier weights. This can be best accomplished by adding on a 12 or 6 pack of Small Group Personal Training sessions.

Alternatively, based on your logistics and preferences, you can also add on a 12 or 6 pack of in-person classes or an 18 or 12 pack of HomeBody classes.

What If I’m Already Doing an MFF Membership?

You can either keep your membership going so you have access to your credits, OR you can choose to “pause” your membership during Snatched and supplement with Snatched Add-Ons.

What if i need to drop out before Snatched starts?

The first of 3 payments of the payment plan option or 1/3 of the pay-in-full option will remain on your account as credit for a future MFF purchase. The remaining balance will be returned to the card on file.

What if i need to drop out due to illness or injury?

The first 1/3 of your Snatched payment constitutes a non-refundable deposit. Any refund beyond that will be pro-rated based on time and credits remaining and returned to your MFF account as credit for a future MFF purchase.

What if i need to dropout for some other reason?

While we understand that life happens, we are asking for a true commitment to Snatched in Six Weeks. 

In the event you have to drop out due to unforeseen life circumstances, there are no refunds.

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