Lose 5-10 Pounds or More and Get Strong AF in Just Six Weeks

Even If You’re Unmotivated and Hate Working Out

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If you’ve found yourself on this website, I’ll bet you’re someone looking for a change. 

You may even be looking for a total transformation: of your body, your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness – energy levels, mood, confidence, and more.

Now in its 14th year, Snatched in Six Weeks has helped over FOUR THOUSAND people who hate gyms have a fat loss breakthrough in just six weeks…

And after a recent upgrade, Snatched is back and better than ever!

With three classes per week and personalized nutrition coaching, we’ll show you exactly how to train and eat for your goals. Whether this is your first-ever Snatched experience or you’re a seasoned veteran Ninja looking to up your game, you’ll burn fat, build muscle, and get in the very best shape of your life.

And for this summer round, we're bringing back out Snatched @ Home option...

So you can take part in-person in our Hell's Kitchen Clubhouse OR from anywhere in the world with internet access!

(BTW absolute beginners are absolutely welcome; we’ll nurture the shit out of you! 😚)

*What is Snatched @ the Club? Think Snatched 1.5 -- a faster ramp-up into badass workouts than the OG Snatched, with the same focus on the fundamentals. Perfect for both a newbie AND a seasoned Snatcheder!

Snatched in Six Weeks was created in 2011 when I saw too many of my friends and clients struggling with their fitness…

They wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and generally feel awesome. But they weren’t able to stick with the restrictive or poorly designed programs they tried. 

OR they’d try working out on their own, but were never quite sure what to do. 

And in many cases, they’d get injured before seeing the results they were working for.

So I set about creating a six week program that would not just get results, but educate them on what really works for health and hotness for the long haul.

And most importantly, offer it in an actually enjoyable style so people wouldn’t know how much work they were doing. (Hence unicorns, blue humor, and various other MFF shenanigans including but not limited to theme days and trainers in capes. 🦄)

Listen, getting in shape is always going to be a challenge. You deserve to work with actual experts who will be supportive and empathetic.

Imagine what it would be like to know exactly what to do for your fitness goals.

Think about what it would be like to see your body responding each week with measurable progress.

How would your life change if you had:

💪 All-day long energy, every single day?

💪 Improved mood and confidence?     

💪 A leaner, stronger physique?     

💪 More emotional resilience?     

💪 Clearer thinking?     

💪 Self-pride for consistently treating your body with oodles of love, kindness, and respect?

In fact, here are some Ninja-reported stats from recent rounds of Snatched:

💥 93.3% reported improved mood     

💥 Participants looking for fat loss lost an average of 6.7 lbs and up to 15 lbs     

💥 Participants looking for fat loss lost an average of 1.7 inches off their waist     

💥 100% of participants reported increased motivation to workout

The success of Snatched in Six Weeks even got Mark Fisher Fitness featured in local and national media publications like The New York Times:

After a rocky divorce (“I would rather lose a limb than go through that again”), Ms. Rojas started Snatched in Six Weeks, an exercise and nutrition program at Mr. Fisher’s gym. “I could barely do a push-up on my knees,” she said about her pre-Snatched state.

Mr. Fisher’s alternative-fitness community of “misfits, nerds, outcasts, and Broadway geeks” cheered her on, she said, and after Snatched ended, she continued to work out there, enjoying the positive energy at the gym. Within a few months, she said, she went from a “size 8 with a corporate commuter look” to a size 2.

So what does Snatched entail?

If you really want the most out of your Snatched experience, it requires a serious commitment. This is a quick start, not a “quick fix.” The good news is we’ve got you covered with all the following:

✅ 3 strength training classes per week designed to train your heart and burn fat

Choose from in-person sessions in Hell's Kitchen OR attend classes virtually over Zoom

✅ Personalized nutrition guidance and weekly check-in’s with our expert coaches so you always stay on track

✅ The Snatched Foreplay Workshop so you can review the basics of the program in workshop format and get clear on exactly what it will take to succeed

✅ Daily education to teach you what really works for long term fitness success

✅ Flexible scheduling – switch from your primary Snatched group up to six times based on availability

✅ Our private Snatched Facebook Group of aggressively kind and supportive humans

✅ Glitter, dragons, and magical unicorn rides*

* Please note, magical unicorn rides are weather permitting.

Snatched at the club

& Snatched @ Home

Cycle #3: July 8th to August 18th

Full Price: SiSW - 3 Payments of $416 ($1248)

S@H - 3 Payments of $289 ($867)

Early Bird Pricing

(Ends June 24th)

SNATCHED at the club

3 Payments of $299


Pre-Pay for Best Pricing



3 Payments of $249


Pre-Pay for Best Pricing


Listen, Snatched isn’t for everyone. In fact, we often recommend Ninjas new to Mark Fisher Fitness start with a regular Membership so they can ease into their new fitness adventures. 

Snatched works best when you are ready to go all-in and create some SERIOUS CHANGE.


We offer a iron clad 100% No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee

If you make it through the whole program and don’t feel like the Mark Fisher Fitness team has done everything possible to help you succeed, we’ll give you all your money back. Seriously.

So there’s absolutely no risk.

Now, if you’re feeling skeptical, you are NOT alone. 

Trust me, I get it. There’s a lot of shady shit in the fitness industry. It would be weird if you weren’t skeptical. 

So was Sarah...

After 13+ years of proven results we feel confident saying…

If you’re ready to make real change, there’s simply no better solution than Snatched in Six Weeks.

The best time to plant a tree was two years ago.

The second best time is today. 🌳

🚀 Lezzfuggingoooooooo 🚀


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